What I like about art.

As a Graduate in Communication Studies I have discovered a multitude of rich languages that we, human beings, utilize to express concrete, emotional, and construct ideas.

During years of verbal opportunities, a large number of languages that I have learned or been exposed to, and the language of ethnic culture, I have realized that there are a number of other powerful vehicles that humankind uses to express itself.

Mathematics, music, cultural habits, visual arts, color, food styles, words, body language, touch, gardening and the scientific process... all of these tools are devices that we use to communicate. I am fascinated by them all.

In particular, my interest has been recently focused in the manner that many express themselves through visual art. Color, composition, shape, texture, hue, value, figurative, abstract, surreal... all of these and more are the nouns, adjectives and verbs that construct the rhetoric of art. Sometimes this message is a conscious and overt desire of the artist. Other times, the visual message is a deeper and more subjective expression. In either case, I find a great deal of joy exploring, reading, and understanding my fellow humans... all in an endeavor to better understand myself.

Tommy Varzos

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