Surrealism was an art movement that most closely coincided with Dadaism. The Surrealists movement lasted for about two decades, and involved countless artists. At first, the movement seemed to be only a literary movement, and an extension of Dadaism. However, the Surrealist movement quickly entered the realm of painting. Surrealist artwork portrays mainly abstract ideas like something that would appear in a dream. Surrealism was heavily involved in portraying these dreamlike images or even nightmares. One of their main goals was to connect their painting with the dream stages of sleep. They wanted the public to realize their emphasis that the mind has its own power to create artistic meaning. The Surrealists focused on interpreting their art through emotions rather than intellect. Some of the major people involved included Andre Brenton, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, and Renee Magritte. Today, many art lovers still admire their work.

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