Salvador Dali - Sacred Bible

Authentication Letters, Attestations, & Provenance

Dr. Mara Albaretto (Berio) The wife of Dr. Guseppe Albaretto. Mrs. Albaretto and her husband are known to be two of the greatest collectors and admirers of Salvador Dali. Guseppe commissioned the Sacred Bible in an effort to sway Dali from the perceived delinquent influence of Dali's wife Gala into a more wholesome embracing of the edicts of the Roman Catholic Church. This letter is a translation from the Italian letter written by Dr. Mara Albaretto in Torino, Italy on February 2, 1999. The original is on file at the corporate office of Park West Gallery.

Bernard Ewell
Declared by A. Reynolds Morse, President of the Salvador Dali Foundation as the consumate authority for artwork by Salvador Dali. Sotheby's New York Modern Prints department considers Ewell to be the definitive appraiser of Salvador Dali.